Mirmorax – Subsea and topside sampling and monitoring systems

Mirmorax was established in 2009, and is aiming to be a leading provider of subsea and topside sampling and monitoring systems to the oil and gas industry.

Mirmorax takes pride in designing solutions that meet our clients needs, and has developed two distinct technologies:

Subsea and Topside

– Sampling solutions that overcome the limitations of many of today’s sampling technologies. Our solution involves true volumetric sampling on oil, gas and water in the well without interrupting production.

Oil in Water monitoring

– Solutions that provide accurate, real-time information on the amount of sand and oil dispersed in water. This leads to improved monitoring and control over re-injection and water discharge. Monitoring the separation process becomes more efficient, and production is optimized through the enhanced design and use of separators and filters.

Eivind Gransæther – previously Commercial Manager and Subsea Engineering Manager at Roxar – founded the company along with employees all holding a Masters level of education or higher. In October 2010, Mirmorax won the Enger Innovation Award from the Norwegian Polytechnic Society based on its “promising innovations and research".

Mirmorax is based in Stavanger, Norway.