Mirmorax is founded on comprehensive expertise within subsea instrumentation technology and engineering.

With great confidence we offer reliable, robust and long-lasting technology solutions that provide relevant and accurate data to support operators decisions. Our sampling solutions provide real-time information that optimizes the production process and ensure a seamless flow of oil and gas from reservoir to refinery.

Chemical Analysis

With operators facing increased threats to flow assurance from hydrates, the injection of chemical inhibitors, such as Methanol and Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and low dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs), has never been more popular. Such inhibitors are playing a key role in combating scaling and corrosion, with chemicals often used to break up surface tension and facilitate the flow of oil & gas.

At the same time, operators also need to establish greater control over the measuring and injection of hydrate inhibitors to ensure that the correct amount is injected, and that injection rates are changed when conditions change.

Having information on how these chemicals propagate from an injection well into other wells will provide operators with a better understanding of their reservoirs, and enable them to optimize their injection programs.

The Mirmorax Multiphase Sampling System provides comprehensive and accurate volumetric samples that can then be subjected to chemical analysis. The system provides a seamless process from extracting a representative sample, bringing it to the surface, and then storing and transporting it to the laboratory facility, all within the same pressure conditions. The specific content fraction of the sample will also provide an accurate influx value in the timeframe the sample was taken.

Production Optimization

We are seeing a renewed focus on subsea sampling and oil in water monitoring.

Operators are looking to maximize production and squeeze more oil & gas from their older fields, while at the same time meeting environmental requirements.

The Mirmorax Subsea Multiphase Sampling System delivers true multiphase and volumetric sampling on oil, gas and water in the well without interrupting production. It enables the operator to accurately capture fluid properties throughout the lifetime of the field, conduct comprehensive PVT and chemical analysis, calibrate multiphase and wet gas meters, and increase oil & gas recovery.

The Mirmorax Multiphase Sampling System supports enhanced oil recovery programs, such as chemical injection, by tracking the flow of injection fluid into the well and measuring its effects, and providing an accurate sample where chemical content can be extracted. In addition, the validation of reservoir models and reservoir simulations also depend on accurate sources of field information being generated over the lifetime of a field. The Mirmorax Multiphase Sampling System generates this data, irrespective of production rates or how long the field has been in production.

The Mirmorax Oil-in-water (OiW) monitor also plays a key role in production optimization with its effective monitoring and control over the reinjection process ensuring maximum production performance.

Furthermore, with the information from the monitor on the specific components of produced water, separation of oil and water is optimized.

The accurate monitoring of water during production can also prevent obstacles to production, such as the plugging of disposal wells by solid particles and suspended oil droplets, the plugging of lines, pumps and valves due to inorganic scales, and corrosion due to the electrochemical reactions of the water with piping walls.

Subsea Metering Calibration

Multiphase and wet gas meters provide crucial real-time information on the capabilities of a well during production.

The meters are key elements of long-term field development plans, ensuring improved recovery over the lifetime of the field.

One of the main challenges with multiphase meters today, however, is ensuring that they continue to operate at peak performance as flow and process conditions change, and as the verification of input data becomes both cumbersome to obtain and unreliable. In addition, calibration of the meters often require production to be stopped, costing the operator potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Mirmorax Multiphase Sampling System delivers true volumetric sampling of oil, gas and water in the well. This information can be directly compared to metering fractional data to provide highest accuracy and calibration. The sampling system also provides high quality samples that can be used to obtain good PVT analysis, salinity and chemical content. These are all vital input to ensure that your metering investments deliver real value over the lifetime of the field.

The calibration process consists of three main phases, where the sample volumetric fractions will provide a calibration point at the state of the flow present when the sample was taken. This represents the correct calibration based on a given oil, gas and water fraction. To maintain this accuracy, the parameter files of the multiphase meter need to be updated with the correct PVT data as well as the values for salinity etc. This will match the surface curve describing the dynamic behavior of the metering system to the real values. For verification of correct dynamics response, and to determine confidence interval for the measurements, additional three samples are taken at different conditions and compared to the corresponding values of the metering system.

Subsea sampling and calibration of meters ensure that a meter installed on a well at the start-up of production is providing accurate estimates of oil, gas and water ten years later – even when the produced fluids in the field have changed.

Subsea Processing

With much of the easy accessible oil already in production, operators are expanding their exploration and production activities into ever more demanding locations, where topside structures often are impractical.

The focus on brownfield sites has also seen an increase in water cuts and global water production.

The Mirmorax Oil-in-water (OiW) monitor is a highly effective subsea processing solution that can track water production and ensure that both production and separation facilities are performing optimally.

The monitor detects oil and solid particles in produced water re-injections (PWRI), preventing surface sludge formation and oil saturation, facilitating wastewater disposal, and ensures that pressures are maintained for enhanced oil recovery.

The information on sand and oil size distributions and concentrations generated by the monitor will furthermore minimize effects such as plugging and any decline in formation permeability, which in turn can reduce reservoir pressure and injectivity in water flooding operations. In addition, too much oil lost in production, and a combination of fine sands and small oil droplets, can also clog injection wells.

The Mirmorax Oil-in-water (OiW) monitor measures both the concentration of oil in water and the size distribution of the oil and sand particles in order to protect production. At the same time it guarantees the integrity of the wastewater flow assurance process. The result is a complete and highly effective subsea processing solution.

Mirmorax is currently in the process of developing a Subsea Oil in Water monitor that can be used for these types of applications and enable the operators full control of their separation systems. In addition, we offer Mirmorax Subsea Multiphase Sampling System, which is capable of qualifying oil in water to a very accurate degree, thus being a very good verification system.

Tie-back Solutions

The last few years have seen a growth in subsea tie-backs as operators look to tie in smaller fields to existing infrastructure as well as manage costs.

Some tie-backs today are as long as 150 kilometers. The growth of such tie-backs and longer horizontal production pipelines, however, has brought with them a host of new challenges.

These include the importance of real-time, subsea monitoring to track the fluids that are being transferred in order to support flow assurance and, in many cases, measure production and fiscal allocation; as well as the need to track any threats to pipeline and production integrity. The risk of longer tiebacks, for example, is that it takes longer to detect a water breakthrough in the well, which by the elapsed time could lead to severe consequences and pipeline damage.

In such circumstances, metering systems are put under huge pressure to accurately track multiphase and wet gas flows with potential threats to their accuracy, including changes in oil characteristics and varied flow conditions outside the calibration range.

The Mirmorax Subsea Multiphase Sampling System is the ideal solution for measuring fluid composition within subsea tie-backs over the lifetime of a field. The information it generates provides crucial input to online metering systems, as well as providing highly valuable information on chemical and PVT content.

With the costs of subsea interventions and periodic fluid sampling high, Mirmorax provides a highly cost effective and robust subsea sampling solution that meets the challenges of subsea tie-backs head-on, ensuring improved flow assurance and accurate fiscal and production allocation.