Topside Oil in Water Measurements

The Mirmorax Oil in Water Analyzer is based on an ultrasonic measurement technique in which individual acoustic echoes are characterized using advanced signal processing.

A highly focused acoustic signal is transmitted directly into the produced water flow. The reflection and absorption of the signal provides a wide range of accurate measurements. In the focal region, individual solids, oil droplets and gas bubbles will reflect the acoustic energy and each reflected signal will hold particle specific information. Based on a large number of measurements, the analyzer calculates full size distributions for oil and sand. The size distributions are used to calculated, corresponding concentration values.

Important process information as salinity, temperature and flow velocity are measured and presented by the OiW. The OiW performs self-diagnosing and auto calibration.

Model features

The Mirmorax Oil in Water analyzer LR2500 is specially developed to manage the lower range of particle measurements from 0-2500 ppm and at the same time deliver classification of particles and size distribution. This is especially suitable for discharge and water treatment applications, where knowledge on this is essential for reducing ppm levels and optimizing the separation process.


The Mirmorax Oil in Water Analyzer consists of a Probe, which has an insertion design and high performance signal processing and communication electronics, SPCE. The maximum length of communication and power cables between the probe and SPCE can be up to a 100 meters. The SPCE unit is a safe area 19” rack module.


Key features for the Mirmorax Oil in Water Analyzer are:

  • Accurate and high resolution real-time measurements
  • Simultaneous detection of oil, particles and gas
  • Temperature measurements of flow
  • Salinity Measurements of the water
  • Local display with screen selection
  • EX Area Electronics option
  • Remotely control and data access
  • Insertion design, “one size fits all”
  • No need to shut down to be inserted or extracted
  • Reliable and robust
  • Low maintenance