Mirmorax Portable Analyzer in Field

Offshore Trial for Danish Operator

Mirmorax Oil-in-Water Analyzer

Automatic cleaning


The scope was to test an inline probe with as little requirement for maintenance as possible in a dirty environment.

Mirmorax knew already that our analyzer could handle a 3 mm layer of scale and still provide accurate measurements, however in a dirty environment cleaning would still be required to avoid manual cleaning.


Mirmorax uses ultrasonic signals to sample data that we again produce measure-ment values from.

The advantage with ultrasonic signals is that ultrasound propa-gate through materials such as flesh and blood when used in medical examinations or when music easily propagates through the walls from your teenagers stereo. And because of this, Mirmorax measurement technology is by physics less vulner-able to contamination than other technologies used to measure oil in water.

Take for example light or use of light in photo to measure, where a thin sheet for a solid substance can block all light. Still, to ensure no need for mainance, Mirmorax installed an automatic cleaning system consisting of a flushing unit cleaning the probe as often as required using 3 small pulses of high pressured water.


Cleaning requirements will vary from application to applica-tion. It was therefore necessary to provide a programable solution to fit every requirement.


Mirmorax Oil in Water Analyzer providing reliable measurements without manual cleaning. Initial plan was to remove the probe for inspection after 3 months alt-hough measurements results revealed that the cleaning system kept the transducer clean with no requirements for inspection nor manual cleaning.


Mirmorax technology is less vulnerable to contamina-tion, and with the cleaning system it can be installed for months with no mainte-nance requirement.