Mirmorax Portable Analyzer in Field

Offshore Trial for Danish Operator

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Mirmorax Portable Analyzer in Field


The scope was to test the Mirmorax portable analyzer, DT250, offshore and verify that the portable Oil in Water Analyzer from Mirmorax is a suitable and efficient way to measure and monitor the oil concentration in the produced water.

The goals were:

– Verify that the Mirmorax technology is suitable for offshore application. – The DT250 can be used as a tool for lab-tech offshore – The DT250 can be used to monitor the process of produced water in-line – Using the DT250 to troubleshoot different parts of the process. – To use the DT250 as tool for monitoring the hydro cyclones efficiency.


Spot samples was taken at various locations on the platform and run through the analyzer.


The main challenge of the test was to handle samples in such a way that they were representative when they were analyzed by the OIW Analyzer.


A water sample from the discharge produced water line showed a spike of 17.1 ppm. However, the inline probe in the process confirmed the spike in the produced water.

Water samples from different location in the process was run through the portable OIW Analyzer.

The results are illustrated in the process diagram. It can be concluded that the poor “performance” of the 2.stage hydro cyclone is responsible for the increased oil level in the produced water.

Mirmorax Portable Analyzer in Field


The Mirmorax DT250 can be used both as an in-line analyzer, connected to differ-ent locations in the process and used as a lab sampler where samples are collected in the process and analyzed within 5 minutes. The DT250 is a great tool to monitor hydro cyclone performance.