Mirmorax acquires Roxar Oil-In-Water (OIW) product line

Mirmorax AS, a start-up company currently bringing its innovative, new oil & gas subsea sampling solutions to market, today announced that it is to acquire the Oil-in-Water (OIW) product line from Roxar Flow Measurement, a division of Emerson Process Management.

The acquisition, which will see the seamless transfer of production and services, will strengthen Mirmorax’s solutions portfolio and help the company come closer to attaining its goal of delivering innovative, high quality subsea processing solutions that help operators optimize flow assurance, meet environmental requirements, and generate the best possible returns from their reservoir assets.

As part of the acquisition, Mirmorax has also signed an agreement to secure all Intellectual Property (IP) rights for the product with Dutch technology company TNO Science and Industry. TNO was part of the original Joint Industry Project (JIP) with Roxar in developing the monitor along with Statoil, Eni SpA, and Shell and PetroleumDevelopmentOman (PDO).

The Oil-in-water monitor and its ultrasonic pulse-echo technology provide accurate, real-time information on the amount of sand and oil dispersed in water. The monitor can be used to monitor water discharge from oil production and ensure that the reinjected water meets environmental regulations. With the increased maturity of many fields, the growth in reinjection water to maintain pressures and the increased need for water volumes to be treated in process facilities, the Oil-in-water monitor is an invaluable tool in monitoring the separation process and providing detailed information on sand and oil in water. Mirmorax also plans to develop the monitor for subsea applications, allowing for water characterization at an earlier stage and enabling the monitor to become an important tool in subsea processing.

“We are delighted to be including the Oil-in-water (OiW) product line within our solutions portfolio,” said Mirmorax CEO, Eivind Gransaether. “Roxar and TNO have done an excellent job in developing such a reliable and robust product and we look forward to developing further as well as taking into new markets. Our experience in developing reliable measurement technologies and our intimate understanding of operators’ subsea needs in developing the Mirmorax Subsea Process Sampling System will put us in a strong position to ensure the OiW reaches its full potential – both topside and subsea.”

With many of today’s oil in water monitors unable to work properly over long periods in harsh environments, the new Miromorax Oil-in-water monitor has been designed to be reliable, easy to maintain and have a long lifespan. By using advanced auto diagnostics functionality, the monitor is also able to overcome challenges, such as equipment degradation, scaling and temperature or chemical changes.

Established in 2009, Mirmorax’s goal is to become the industry’s leading provider of subsea sampling systems in the oil and gas industry. Eivind Gransaether, the CEO, was previously Commercial Manager and Subsea Engineering Manager at Roxar (now part of global Fortune 200 company, Emerson) where he was responsible for many of Roxar’s industry leading solutions. Mirmorax Chairman, Gunnar Hviding, was the former CEO of Roxar.

In October 2010, Mirmorax won the Enger Innovation Award from the Norwegian Polytechnic Society. According to the Norwegian Polytechnic Society. Mirmorax was considered to have met the criteria of being a company that works with “promising innovations and research within a technology area and is considered to have a business of financial significance within the Norwegian enterprise and business community.”

The Mirmorax Subsea Process Sampling System (SPSS) overcomes the limitations of many of today’s subsea sampling technologies by delivering true volumetric sampling on oil, gas and water in the well without interrupting production. The result is the ability to accurately capture fluid properties throughout the lifetime of the field, conduct comprehensive PVT (Pressure, Volume, and Temperature) analysis, calibrate multiphase and wet gas meters to ensure that they operate at their full potential, and deliver increased oil & gas recovery from the reservoir.