Mirmorax is launching a new Oil in Water Analyzer!

The new analyzer is a portable desktop analyzer based on ultrasound technology with the weight of only 10 kilos.

The analyzer provides quick and accurate result analyzing your produced water or slop water. Multiple areas of use: Laboratory, Offshore, Onshore and even a by-pass solution for inline use is available. Mirmorax offers a flexible rental solution to fit our customers’ requirements.

All desktop OIW Analyzers are made in a transpotable Pelicase for easy transport and handle.
A digital touch operated screen makes the operation convenient and intuitive.
Our rental fees are all inclusive remote support, spare parts and even a replacement analyzer if deemed necessary.

Mirmorax offers a short term and a longer term rental.

Mirmorax is dedicated to make our customers satisfied. The Desktop Oil in Water Analyzer is a new product. Our first version, DT250, will be offered for rental only, to ensure optimal performance of all instruments in field. Mirmorax offer an introduction price valid with placing an order within end of 2016.

If you require more information about the DT250 feel free to get in touch by email of phone or simply use the live chat on the bottom of this page.